Before submitting a project, please read our terms and conditions:


  • On 12 February, you or someone from your organization is available for a first meeting with the student team, to discuss the project. This can be online.
  • After the first meeting, you or someone from your organization is available for a meeting once every two weeks. The student team will inform you about the progress they have made. You will give feedback and steer the project towards your desired goals.
  • Two times, you will submit an evaluation form about your student team anonymously online. The first is a midterm evaluation around in March, the second is a final evaluation in June.

Costs & Promotion

  • LUDev categorizes projects as either commercial, educational, research or charitable.
    Terms and conditions differ slightly depending on this category. You select which category your projects belongs to as a guideline, but if we (LUDev) think your project falls under a different category, we will contact you to change it.
  • For commercial projects: In the event that your project is selected, you will be charged a starter's fee of €1000. This fee is non-refundable and shall be paid regardless of the end result of the project.
    At the end of the project, you may choose to buy the project (and with it, the intellectual property) for a handover fee of €5000. This is optional, but if the handover fee is not paid, LUDev remains the project's sole owner.
  • For educational, research and charitable projects: LUDev may use the project as promotional material on its website or social media. E.g., write articles about it and use images of it. A commercial project may opt out of this.

Hardware & Services

  • Any specialized hardware required to complete the project (e.g., VR headsets, microcontrollers, raspberry pis) is provided by you, the client.
  • If the project requires access to paid third party services, APIs or proprietary software, you, the client, will pay any associated costs.
  • During development, LUDev provides web hosting free of charge if the project needs it: Either on IT infrastructure provided by Leiden University, or a public cloud service (AWS, GCP, Azure). At the end of the project, should you choose to use it, any web hosting costs thereafter are the responsibility of the client.

Lastly, LUDev makes no guarantees about the quality or state of the final software. The project may be unfinished or not according to the client's expectations. After the project ends, neither LUDev nor the student team responsible for the project is obligated to work on it any further.
Even for commercial projects, the client is only paying for the exploration of a software idea and the experience of working with a student group. Perfectly working finished software is not the end-goal, and should not be expected.