Interactive Theorem Prover

The Interactive Theorem Prover is an easy but effective web application used to check Hoare logic proofs on the desktop or laptop. It checks for basic Hoare logic, local blocks and adaptation rules.

Hedy Language to Turtle Code

Hedy language is a gradual programming language for kids. Our vision is to make coding more enjoyable for children.

Lab Notebook

A web-app on which students can learn- and test their knowledge about logic. Their input for logic questions gets checked and returned in real time.

Hedy Language Translation

Hedy Language Translation helps students learn programming at their own pace in their native languages. Its objective is to teach as many students to the program as possible while promoting local languages.

Virtual Interactive Dice Game

For Museum Speelklok we set out to recreate the dice game from Mozart. We have created an interactive application. With this application the visitors of the Museum can create their own music and play it afterwards. These melodies are created according to the rules from Mozart.

Literature Review Generator

A web tool that is able to generate a literature review based on the provided keywords.

Light Weight Ship Estimation

The C-Job Light Weight Ship Estimation tool is a web-based application. The LWSE tool helps naval engineers estimate the optimum lightweight of new vessels and have a more accurate estimate for material consumption and total budget in the design phase.

CHDR Questionnaire App

Trial@Home is a Cloud-based platform developed by CHDR to extend clinical trials outside the clinic. Digital technology is used to collect data while trial participants are in the home environment and this data is continuously sent to the Cloud.

UML Rule Editor

We've extended the ngUML "Prose to Prototype" project with a rule editor. It allows users to express constraints in natural language, which are translated into python and enforced in the runtime engine of the Prose to Prototype project.

Card Sorting App

A website that digitalizes the teaching phenomena of card sorting. Card sorting is a principle where students get to sort a deck of cards (words, images, formulas, context etc) in different ways to display to the teacher how well they understand the subject.

CHDR Frontend

A user friendly front-end for CHDR Trial@Home, where trials can be created, and modified.

Indoor localization and identification of humanoid robots / humans with ultra-sound

A starting point for the further implementation of a state-of-the-art Localization Positioning System using ultra-sound.

JLPT Website

" Our solution is a new Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) website that is a user-friendly online platform that will help anyone in the Netherlands to prepare for and register for the JLPT exam and to get in touch with the other applicants to share experiences with each other. "

Lowlands Visual Storytelling

SLAP (Sign Language Analitycs Platform) is a cloud provider API for recognising hand gestures used in sign languages and translating them into text and speech.

SE Administration

For this project, we made an administration webpage for the software engineering course. This includes a homepage, an admin page with the necessary component and a student page.

LUMC Health App

During this project our team worked on a LUMC Health app, with the goal of getting elderly people to fill in a question list once every week/two week. With the ultimate goal to make an app that has a certain ‘Fun factor’ so that it is not just a stale question list application. Presentation and demo (3:23) following this link:

Leidsche Flesch Database Overview

A codebase visulization tool that generates relation maps and makes developers' life easier

Leidsche Flesch Bookkeeping

A declaration application which digitizes key parts of administration through an online form and automatic PDF converter.

JLPT Website

The updated Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) website provides both users and administrators a seamless experience in applying for and managing the language test.

Business Simulation

A website for the course IBIA where students engage in a business simulation

Rightfield Implementation in Python

In this project an implementation of the existing Rightfield in Python code. Rightfield itself is a program that generates Excel templates embedded with ontology vocabulary. And can export metadata of the Excel templates as RDF and CSV formatted files.

SE Administration

Create an automatic bidding system for assigning teams to projects. Make a website to display this.

OpenML Evaluation Engine

We made an evaluation engine in Python for the OpenML project. This evaluation engine calculates the meta features of datasets and uploads them to the backend for the public to use.

OpenML Mythbusting

OpenML Myhtbusting is a webapp that lets the user experience an online version of a datascientist by using Machine Learning tasks from the OpenML platform.


An Android application that helps students with practising proof-trees for the course introduction to logic.

Operational profile analysis

A tool for graphing the capabilities of large data sets of real vessels to help naval architects designing new ships.

Virtual Conference

The purpose of this project is to create an application in which the feeling of an "in-real-life" conference can be replicated online. Users can roam in virtual rooms and strike conversations with each other.

Profiling human activity

A data visualization tool for data collected within the Profiling Human Activity project. The tool allows the user to quickly compare group and individual behaviour before and after a medical intervention.

SE Administration

A new website for the SE course. SE teachers can use the website to automatically assign projects to students groups. Clients can upload their projects. Students can create teams and submit their project bids.

Children Stories

A voice-recorder app aimed at recording children's stories, and replaying them easily. Researchers use this tool for studying the story telling capabilities of young children.

Quantum Rules!

QuantumRules! is a program to support the high school physics curriculum with practical experiments in an escape room.

Planning Poker

Agile Portfolio Poker is a workshop that combines the insight of project managers and directors to facilitate decision-making on a strategic level.


The goal of this project was to digitize the Progress, Quality and Research Support program for PhD students at Leiden university.

UML Modeler

An editor for creating UML Activity Diagrams to help less technical personnel to visualize data structures and data flows.


A new dynamic version of LUdev website showcasing its project portfolio, and with a multi-functional backend.

AI based database cleaning

The goal of our project was building a framework for automated database cleansing.

Speed estimation Algorithmics

An algorithm which can accurately estimate the current speed of the user. This can be used by speed skaters to further develop their performance.


We made an app to plan tournaments. Participants can be added and then poules can be made.

Pose recognition

For the researchers at LIACS, we created an easy-to-use interface for OpenPose. It facilitates the identification and analysis of gestures in many videos at once.

Patient data visualization

This project realized the data visualization of molecular epidemiology for the Biomedical Data Sciences department of the Leiden University Medical Center.

Sports analytics

The LIACS sport analytics group processes all kinds of sports data, including video and sensory data from matches. To facilitate the synchronization between these different data, we have realized a specialized dash board tool.

Tissue image analysis

Our project extended a must-have tool for tissue image research with an easy-to-use user interface. This is not only of great value to the research of our user/client, but for others who want to visualize tissue data.

Geographical data visualization

To facilitate research at a Dutch government organization, we built a tool to import geographical data points and display them on a map. The product is set up to be modular, so it can be altered to work with any data set.

Quantum Rules!

Our product is an extension on the already-existing Quantum Rules! project, a website that delivers an escape-room-like learning experience in physics for high school students.

Workflow nets

An editor and (basic) simulator for industry workflow nets (inets), a model of interorganisational workflows based on petrinets. This editor incorporates the first (and so far, only) implementation of the industry workflow net model specified in a paper written by Pieter M. Kwantes and Jetty Kleijn.

Team self-assessment software

Our program allows teams of students to assess each other on multiple aspects, such as, contribution to the project, quality of work and punctuality. This can be used by course teachers to get insights in the dynamics within the group.

GitHub visualization tool

The Github-Visualization tool enables the visualization of Github projects. It displays a graph of the files in a project, which visualizes who did what and when, and which files are connected.

Thesis grading

Our application makes the thesis assessment process a lot easier for professors. It gives the assessors the ability to create assessment forms online in a simple and sleek web application.

Smart watch analytics

The objective of our project was to gather sensory data of smart watches for scientific researchers. We created a modular app so that the researchers can freely decide which sensors to use and record.

Google Home virtual assistant

The Liquid Studio Bot is a Google Home virtual assistant guides guests through Accenture's Liquid Studio, a studio for demonstrating the latest technology for rapid application development.

Innovations in eHealth

Our app ‘Pace Yourself’ is an app for people with chronic pain. By using our app they can learn to pace which means that they learn how the level of pain of a certain day relates to the amount and activities done that day.

Coach Cockpit

For the research project ‘Brazil versus the Netherlands: the Secrets of Playing Football’, Dutch and Brazilian researchers are developing an analysis of tactics in football to objectively quantify (and compare) tactics of different countries, competition levels, and age-groups.

We made a tool that gives you a summary of all your eHealth devices (for example a heart rate sensor) and lets your family doctor and possibly a care taker send you recommendations as a response.

Petri net editor

Our program allows one to make, simulate and analyze Petri nets, a formal model for capturing parallelism in computations. The resulting nets can be exported to png and pdf.

Smart Recruiter

In a faster growing world, more and more people are looking for a job. Most (if not all) of them come with a résumé. Some businesses get overwhelmed with the number of résumés to read and reduce the group of applicants to the group that have the requirements for the job.

Augmented Reality

In the last three months, we have made an app from the future. We can place our own animations in the space we live in: Augmented Reality. With accompaniment of Accenture we created a Lego city in the real world which interacts with a physical model train.

Travel request system

In this project, we created a website for the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) to digitalize the travel request system.

SQL Generator

This new rendition of an existing SQL generation application within the Belastingdienst gives its users a smoother experience and better accessibility with a modern browser-based user interface.

Quantum Rules!

The Quantum Rules! project is an easy tool to assist teachers and universities to help secondary school students learn quantum mechanics, by offering an online environment.

Story recorder

We made an application that is used to record stories. Children can record their voice and, with consent from the parent, this recording can be sent to dr. Max van Duijn for his research.